Have U Ever?


Have you ever felt so helpless?

That everything you do bring so much stress.

Just when you felt so good,

Someone suddenly changes your mood.


Have you ever had a problem that its help you desperately need?

You looked around but everyone’s ignoring your plead.


They say your to perfect to have a problem,

So you have no choice but to hide them;

It’s like searching for a cure your desperate,

To an illness cured by an affiliate.


Have you ever had to pretend you’re happy?

Even when deep inside you’re going crazy?

So much emotion you want to let go,

But nobody wants to know.


So you’re always smiling, always laughing,

But inside your soul is slowly dying;

It’s like in quick sand your drowning,

But all the people must see you smiling.


Do you know how hard it is to act like this?

While your heart’s saying “Help me please”;

Sometimes you just want to let go,

To suddenly be gone but nobody needs to know.


Because of this your will to fight is lost,

Because you don’t know till when you will last;

Now to every little hope you’re just hanging on.

But when it’s gone you might say “So Long”.


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