One Week birthday Celebrations

July 23, 2007

July 15 is my birthday. You might be wondering about the title, you see five members of my family are celebrating their birthday within the third week of July. I start the birthday week, followed by my younger brother Lando, then my Lola (grandma) and my cousin Acetrel, and finally another cousin Bryan. Now you know the background it’s time for my story.

Sunday morning, one of those lazy days when you want to do nothing but relax, lay in bed reminisce about your past, present and future, but I don’t have time for that. It’s already 9:30 am, I have to make my teammates move faster in order for us to reach my house before lunch. As I said I live in a boarding house in Paranaque with some of my teammates and my house is in Silang, Cavite, two hours away from our boarding house. I was only able to force four of them to come since the others have previous engagements and one has flu.

Since none of us have a car, yet, so we need to commute. Fortunately there’s not too much traffic, maybe because it’s Sunday. When we arrived I was welcomed by one of my babies, her name is KC, no she’s not actually my baby but I am very close to her since I was the one who is always taking care of her when I am at our house in Makati, same with her younger sister Abby and my nephews Boaz and Lestat. Back to the topic, KC pulled me inside the house where I saw my little baby Abby. I was looking for my two nephews, unfortunately, they did not come because their grandma, my Tita (Auntie), is in the hospital, sad but oh well its still my birthday. I was having fun with my babies and talking to my relatives when I heard someone calling my name. When I turned around to look who he is, there stood my four teammates outside our house looking at me saying “Hoy Alvin! May kasama ka.” (“Hey Alvin! How about us?”). Ooops! I forgot my guest, hahaha. I run outside invited them to come in and pointed them to the couch. Then I help my mother to arrange the foods, which are Menudo, Dinakdakan, Pancit Bihon, Bulkachao (Bulalo without the veggies), grilled Tilapia and of course, Rice. For those not familiar to the foods listed, they are on the net. My mom and I always talk about anything. So while we’re arranging the table we are busily chatting too, so it took us almost half an hour to prepare the table. Even if my guest are not complaining I can see on their faces that they are hungry so I called them to eat. At least they didn’t forget to praise the food.

After lunch one of my guest requested for beer, being a good host, as described above, hahaha, I granted his request. So while we are singing with the videoke we are drinking Red Horse, a brand of beer. After a few glasses, they all became, let’s say, a “very passionate” singer. So that you have a good idea what are their status, one of my teammate, a known heavy metal rocker, sang “Prettyboy” by M2M. After a few rounds of singing and more than few rounds of beer, my guests opted to start their journey back to our boarding house, I have to stay because of my other guest, friends and college buddies, plus we haven’t started the real party. So after I lead them to the terminal I returned to the party and sing. I choose not to include the scenes that happened next but there’s one thing I can share, this is what my father told me and it became my inspiration for my career. He said “Now you found where you are destined to be, do your best so that no one could ever take that away from you”. To be continued…


One comment

  1. Funny story, as I have experience this type of celebration, just think about this, we celebrate 8+ birthdays in the month of April… LOLZ

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