One Week birthday Celebrations (continued)

July 23, 2007

The weekdays after my birthday went by roughly, I won’t deal with that issue here that’s for another category. Then came Friday afternoon, let’s just say I’m happy to get away to the stress makers. When I arrived at our house in Fort Bonifacio, Makati, I was greeted by my Lola. I gave my birthday gift to my Lola, a white jacket with a hood and pink and black stripes. Then I went to my Cousin Bryan’s house, we all live in one compound so it’s easy to go to one house to the other. We talked about the latest happenings in our lives.

Now the fun part, Saturday morning, we woke up early to do the purchasing of the ingredients for the dishes to be served later. Each dish will be cooked by a different person so I joke about it being a cooking competition, where the first dish to be consumed is the winner.

The contestants are Arroz Valenciana by my Lola, Menudo by Uncle Micheal, Pancit Canton by Auntie Minda, Dinakdakan by my Father, Spaghetti by my cousin Alexis and Adobo by my Mother. As for the winner, I’m not biased, this a fully justified analysis, the winner is the Adobo by my mother and the Dinakdakan by my father. Just as they are finishing cooking the dishes, the birthday celebrant and his guests arrived. We all ate lunch, all I can say is wow. The dishes took longer to cook than served on the table. After lunch, Alexis made a concoction, by mixing dark rum, pineapple juice, ice tea powder and a lot of ice. I thought it was only a light punch, like the one served during high school parties. So I finished two glasses, and I have to say it taste very good just like the yakult drink but a little sweeter. After that since, I can’t sing because the guests are hoarding the microphone of the videoke, I opted to go and chat with my relatives. in the middle of our conversation I suddenly felt light headed so I went to my room to rest, I thought I was just tired. When I woke up, my head feel like a drum with someone beating it as hard as he could. When I talk to Alexis he said it’s the effect of the drink. Grabe!!! I didn’t know it was that “effective”. After a while my headache subsided but I can still feel it. Then the guests of Bryan said they are going home, I said to my self “About time! Now it’s my time to sing.” Now I was the one hoarding the microphone. Well I was in the mood to sing or maybe it’s another effect of the punch. But whatever it is I was having a very good time.

We finished very late but I still woke up early. Sunday afternoon I have to go back to the boarding house and read my books. And that concluded my semi week long birthday celebrations.


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  1. Nice way to get together…

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