My Career So Far

June 30, 2007

They say that the road to your dreams can be very difficult and frustrating yet a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Well, I don’t know about the very rewarding and fulfilling part yet, but I certainly have a very good idea where the very difficult and frustrating part came from.

For now my goal is to become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. To get that certification I need to be a Cisco Certified Networking Professional. And to get that I need to be a Cisco Certified Networking Associate. Oh man! I really need to work hard. Did I mention we, me and my teammates, will be getting those exams in just a span of one year? Really! I’m not kidding. By August I’ll be a CCNA, I hope. For me working hard should be an understatement.

If you know me, you know that I’m not that studious. Yes I read a lot but that doesn’t mean I remember everything I have read. I only remember bits and pieces of the stories, trivia and information, especially those that interest me. I used to read much more a literature book in college. My favorite motto book of all time is the “True Joy of Positive Living” by Norman Vincent Peale, that’s the reason why I always make sure I don’t take anything too seriously, except my work. My favorite brain-squeezer book is, well it’s actually a series by Earl Gardner, the Perry Mason Series. Unfortunately I have only read one, “The Case of the Baited Hook”, since then I have been trying to find other books of the series, if you know where to find one please email me.

Back to the topic, since I started working the only type of books I have are the technical ones, specifically the CCNA study guide, the FreeBSD handbook, user’s guide and administrator’s guide, the Complete FreeBSD, and, the one I’m currently reading and studying, The CCIE Routing TCP/IP volume 1. This was a big change since the type of books I’m used to reading is way too different. At first I find it hard to keep my interest in the book, especially when it too theoretical but after our first laboratory, it is actually fascinating to build a network using different topologies, network devices and protocols. And its challenging too, especially when we encounter bugs in CISCO IOS, which is not an uncommon situation. Now I can say that I’m totally adjusted with my reading.

That’s my career so far, I can’t make this longer since I still have to study. Well good luck to me for the CCNA exam. But I’ confident I can pass it with flying colors.



  1. Goodluck pare!!

  2. Nice blog! Hope you’ll make it big in the blogging world! (like me!) Hehehe!
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  3. good luck may the force be with you . Lol! i got cisco level2 only. too bad:D

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