Challenging Task

June 27, 2007

The morning is perfect, clear blue skies, warm breeze and an IM from M. I thought to my self this would be a perfect day. So when the morning chores are announced, I was more than happy to do it. You may be asking about the morning chores, you see I live in a boarding house rented by the company to be a place where we, me and seven of my teammates, stay while in training for the CCNA and CCNP exams. So we have to keep it neat and tidy.

Back to the topic, my assigned task is cleaning up the backyard, no biggie since our backyard is tiny. I sweep the floor, clean and arrange the laundry, no sweat. I have done my task, back to the computer room to check my e-mail. Then Virgie, a teammate, called me and said my task is still not finished. “What’s that? I’m not done? Are you kidding me? I’ve swept the floor, cleaned the laundry and arranged everything in the laundry room. What’s left to do?” Then she said, “You forgot the trash.” “Ohhh yeah! The trash, I forgot about that. Oh well! Better get it done fast.”

So I went downstairs, straight to the backyard, lift up the lid of the… What the f__k. What’s that smell? Then I look down inside the trash can. Oh man!!! I’m not squeamish or anything but man. There were literally thousands of small, slimy, wiggly and, worst of all, smelly maggots all over the trash. I’m about to throw up any second, good thing I was able to hold it in. I backed out for a moment, but I won’t give-up without a fight. I gather up my weapons, rubber gloves, check, Disinfectant, check, water, che… Oops! I need a pail first, duh! Pail, check, water, check. Finally the scrubs check. First things first, dispose of the trash. Wearing the gloves, I took a deep breath away from the trash. Then, I quickly tie the plastic bag, before I run out of air. I gave the plastic bag to the garbage collector. Step one, DONE.

Now for the most challenging part, cleaning the trash bins. By the way, the trash bins I’m talking about are not the one commonly used, the tiny ones. Ours are two big plastic drums, commonly used for storing water, we used it as trash bin because we have a lot of, well, garbage. Back to the topic, first I have to rinse the bins because there are still a lot of maggots. Since I’m running out of time, the training is starting, I have to move fast. A blessing from above, John, one of my teammates, offers to help me. He took care of one of the trash bin, thank God. We soaked the bins with a mixture of water and disinfectant. But even without the maggots, the rotten smell still overpowers the smell of the disinfectant, Man! We have no choice but to scrub the inside to get rid of the smell. After awhile of scrubbing, more than a pail of sweat and almost numb arms, the smell is gone, about time! We rinse the bins and leave it under the sun to dry. At least I still have time to take a very much needed shower.

After all of that, let’s just say, backyard assignments is the task I least look forward to. Lesson of the day “Maggots Sucks!!!”.


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  1. Welcome!!! Happy Blogging Alvin!.

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