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My Career So Far

June 30, 2007

They say that the road to your dreams can be very difficult and frustrating yet a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Well, I don’t know about the very rewarding and fulfilling part yet, but I certainly have a very good idea where the very difficult and frustrating part came from.

For now my goal is to become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. To get that certification I need to be a Cisco Certified Networking Professional. And to get that I need to be a Cisco Certified Networking Associate. Oh man! I really need to work hard. Did I mention we, me and my teammates, will be getting those exams in just a span of one year? Really! I’m not kidding. By August I’ll be a CCNA, I hope. For me working hard should be an understatement.

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Challenging Task

June 27, 2007

The morning is perfect, clear blue skies, warm breeze and an IM from M. I thought to my self this would be a perfect day. So when the morning chores are announced, I was more than happy to do it. You may be asking about the morning chores, you see I live in a boarding house rented by the company to be a place where we, me and seven of my teammates, stay while in training for the CCNA and CCNP exams. So we have to keep it neat and tidy.

Back to the topic, my assigned task is cleaning up the backyard, no biggie since our backyard is tiny. I sweep the floor, clean and arrange the laundry, no sweat. I have done my task, back to the computer room to check my e-mail. Then Virgie, a teammate, called me and said my task is still not finished. “What’s that? I’m not done? Are you kidding me? I’ve swept the floor, cleaned the laundry and arranged everything in the laundry room. What’s left to do?” Then she said, “You forgot the trash.” “Ohhh yeah! The trash, I forgot about that. Oh well! Better get it done fast.”

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